Industrial Applications for Oval Gear Flow Meters

When measuring high viscosity liquids in an industrial setting, the user must ensure that they choose an appropriate flow meter for their application. It would be a mistake to use a flow meter that is calibrated for water, such as a beverage flowmeter, as that could cause major errors when measuring liquids of higher viscosity. Let’s take a look at five common industrial applications for oval gear flow meters.

5 Industrial Applications for Oval Gear Flow Meters


Oval gear flow meters are commonly used for measuring the flow rate and volume or flow total of chemicals that are utilized in batching applications. Preset volumes of chemicals can be automatically distributed by using a batch controller in conjunction with an oval gear flowmeter. Data collected from measurements can be sent to a computer or PLC for logging.


Another common industrial use for oval gear flow meters is measuring net fuel usage in engines and boilers. By positioning one oval gear flow meter in the supply line and another in the return line, the total net fuel usage in an engine or boiler can accurately be determined. 


When applying lubrication to bearings, oval gear flow meters enable sufficient distribution of lubricant. Additionally, through the use of a controller, oval gear flow meters provide a way to automatically shut down the machinery in case of insufficient flow or no flow at all.

Pulp & Paper

Oval gear flow meters are frequently used with paper finishing chemicals to ensure an ideal rate of delivery and to record precise measurements of the volumes of chemicals being dispensed. The distribution of wax finishes, perfumes, and sizing chemicals, sprayed onto the paper, can be measured with an oval gear flow meter.

Food & Beverage

Oval gear flow meters also offer many advantages to companies in the food and beverage industry. In the food and beverage industry, oval gear flow meters can be used to keep track of syrup injections in main beverage lines, monitor and batch volumes of candy coatings, and for precise, automatic distribution of cooking oils. 

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