Turbine Flowmeters from GL Flow: Ideal for an Array of Applications

Turbine flowmeters are used in numerous industries for the measurement of flow in both liquids and gases. They can be a very practical, economical choice for certain applications. Turbine flowmeters use kinetic energy from the flow sample, which rotates the turbine. The sample of liquid or gas is measured accurately as the rotational speed of the turbine wheel is proportional to the volumetric flow rate.

JLC International carries GL Flow turbine flowmeters to measure dry gases and various liquids. Below is an overview of the turbine style flowmeters that are available.

GL Flow Gx Bi-Directional Turbine Flowmeters

The Gx range of turbine flowmeters can be used for the measurement of dry gases, both inert and flammable, at line pressures down to 0.01 bar (0.2 psi). They are offered in a range of styles, including threaded, flanged, or wafer, the latter which is designed to be used between flange installations. 

GL Flow LX Bi-Directional Turbine Flowmeters

The LX range of turbine flowmeters is able to meet the demands of most liquid measurement applications, including the needs of dairy, pharmaceutical, and food processing industries. They can accurately measure liquids with a viscosity of less than 100 cSt with no effect on the accuracy. Various styles are available, including flange, treaded, and tri-clamp.

GL Flow Totalizers

Flow totalizers are used to automatically sum the pulses read from turbine flowmeters. They display both the Flow Rate and Total Flow on the readout. They can either be mounted directly on the turbine or fitted in a remote location — whichever location is more convenient.

Installation and Maintenance

When installing a turbine flowmeter, it is important that the flow is in the same direction as the arrow on the meter, as this is how the meter is calibrated. This is the best way to ensure optimal performance. The manufacturer, GL Flow, also strongly encourages the use of inline strainers in order to protect the meter. 

Advantages of Turbine Flowmeters

Turbine flowmeters are suitable for a wide range of both gases and liquids, offering a high level of precision for lower viscosity substances. The technology itself is relatively simple and well understood, and these devices are simple to install and operate. They are also typically one of the more economical options when it comes to measuring the flow of a liquid or gas. 

Another important advantage is that these flowmeters do not need an external power supply. With a battery powered totalizer mounted on top, the set can operate for 4-5 years in remote areas where line power is not available.

Find the Right Flowmeter for Any Application

At JLC International, we have an extensive catalog of turbine flowmeters and other styles of flowmeters, and we can help select the optimal product for any application. Contact us today for more information.