Moisture in Oil – Handheld Oilport 30 Set



Technical Inquiries




  • Handheld Meter with Probes for:
    water activity (aw) and temperature – measured

    water content in oil (x) – calculated
  • Working range: 0 – 1 aw / 0 – 20,000 ppm(v)
  • Traceable to international standards administrated by NIST, PTB, ….
  • Pressure tight oil probe with 1/2″ NPT compression fitting
  • SI / US Engineering Units selectable
  • Large, illuminated display
  • Incl. calibration device with humidity ampoules
  • Including carrying case

Please note: Manual data files can be quite large, please be patient while downloading.
The manuals are for information purposes only and shouldn’t be used for operating the instrument