Liquid Flow Meter Performance and Specification Terms: A Guide

Liquid flowmeter performance can be demonstrated in several ways, and within the industry, there exists some imaginative specification writing. What is really meant by the word “performance?” What does a full-scale deflection (FSD) linearity actually mean? What about discrimination, uncertainty, and rangeability?

How Beverage Flowmeters Benefit Bars & Restaurants

Gone are the days when the most successful restaurant and bar owners relied on their staff’s imperfect human judgment for measuring beer to be served to customers. These days, successful food-oriented businesses that value quality, hygiene, and efficiency turn to beverage flowmeters for consistent and accurate dispensing — let’s explore how beverage flow meters work, …

Industrial Applications for Oval Gear Flow Meters

When measuring high viscosity liquids in an industrial setting, the user must ensure that they choose an appropriate flow meter for their application. It would be a mistake to use a flow meter that is calibrated for water, such as a beverage flowmeter, as that could cause major errors when measuring liquids of higher viscosity. …

How Carbon Dioxide Transmitters Benefit the Agriculture Industry

The agriculture industry has evolved considerably in the 21st century. These days, many farming operations utilize automated equipment and monitor their crops using highly sophisticated devices such as carbon dioxide transmitters. Not entirely sure how carbon dioxide transmitters work, or how they help workers in the agriculture industry? Let’s examine the benefits more closely.

Applications for Liquid & Gas Turbine Flowmeters

Overview of Turbine Flow Meters A turbine flow meter is a sophisticated device that measures the volume of liquids or gasses as they pass through the turbine’s housing. The flow of liquid or gas causes the turbine’s freely-suspended blades to spin, with the velocity of the rotor being directly proportional to the velocity of the …

Everything You Need to Know About EE75 High Accuracy Air Velocity/Temperature Transmitters

EE75 high accuracy air velocity transmitters allow professionals from various industries to precisely measure the temperature and velocity of airflow in industrial environments. These cutting-edge instruments use robust sensors to ensure optimal sensitivity, even at extremely low air speeds. The EE75’s sophisticated mechanical design, featuring built-in temperature compensation, allows the device to operate at process …

Flowmeters: The Unsung Heroes of Chemical Injection

Seasoned petroleum engineers are most likely aware of the importance of flowmeters when it comes to moderating chemical injection. But the substantial benefits that these sophisticated instruments provide cannot be understated. From dew point transmitters and clamp-on ultrasonic flowmeters to handheld multi-purpose instruments with application-specific probes, JLC International provides some of the finest on the …

The Multifunctional Hand-Held Omniport 30

When equipped with the handheld Omniport 30, one can make precise measurements of a wide range of different physical quantities, including temperature, humidity, air pressure, and much more. Add the benefit of an extremely user-friendly interface, and what’s left is a cutting-edge device that has a long list of industrial applications.