About Us

JLC International Inc. was founded in the mid 1990’s by two partners with long experience in the sales / engineering of instrumentation and is now based in New Britain, Pennsylvania, U.S.A.

JLC International is a dynamic master distributor and representative for a number of exclusive European instrument manufacturers providing instrumentation for control and measurement in all types of industries. Therefore, all products we offer are carrying the CE marking, mandatory for all European manufacturers and a guarantee for quality.

This exclusive group of European manufacturers allows us to offer to our customers instrumentation for the measurement and control of relative humidity, dewpoint temperature, moisture, liquid and gas flow, air velocity and carbon dioxide.

In 1996, we entered the Internet arena and established our website www.jlcinternational.com. The response we received from our presence on the worldwide web made us realize that the Internet was there to stay and would be used by more and more professionals and engineers working in instrumentation. We decided in 1999 to dedicate all our available resources to the development and maintenance of our website(s) and move away from traditional sales and marketing venues, like advertisements, mailings, exhibitions etc.

Furthermore, our commitment to our customers will follow two basic principles:

  1. All information on our website(s) should be available, free of charge, without any registration and our visitors should be able to browse our website anonymously
  2. Make access to our site and the information as easy and quickly as possible and avoid distracting information and images

Over the years, we learned from our customers who were so generous to inform us about flaws, errors and how to improve. Therefore, our website(s) evolved and is still evolving to provide the best presentation for our customers and suppliers; it is a dynamic process.

JLC International is staffed with experienced engineers who communicate with our customers by email, phone, fax, and even utilizing the TechChat facility on our website.

We will be pleased to welcome you as our customer and please feel free to browse our website(s) and contact us when you have further questions or need assistance of any kind.

JLC International Inc.

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