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How Carbon Dioxide Transmitters Benefit the Agriculture Industry

The agriculture industry has evolved considerably in the 21st century. These days, many farming operations utilize automated equipment and monitor their crops using highly sophisticated devices such as carbon dioxide transmitters. Not entirely sure how carbon dioxide transmitters work, or how they help workers in the agriculture industry? Let’s examine the benefits more closely.

infographic showing the benefits of using an EE820 carbon dioxide transmitter

How Carbon Dioxide Transmitters Are Used in Agriculture

Agriculture workers use carbon dioxide transmitters to control different aspects of their operation and to monitor the quality of their products. For example, greenhouse systems use them to moderate temperature and carbon dioxide concentration, and pig and poultry farmers use them for gas stunning. You can even use carbon dioxide transmitters to detect spoiled grains in storage. The benefits of these sensors can not be overstated.

Benefits of Carbon Dioxide Transmitters

Carbon dioxide transmitters help farmers achieve optimal crop growth, as COis an essential compound that plants use during photosynthesis. The sophisticated devices take much of the guesswork out of farming duties — they provide precise measurements and automatically take action when greenhouse conditions fall below ideal levels. CO2 transmitters can be programmed to function according to the unique needs of the operations that they are used in. Put simply, carbon dioxide transmitters allow agriculture workers to produce more while doing less. Air velocity transmitters can also be used to monitor the airflow in greenhouses. 

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