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How Beverage Flowmeters Benefit Bars & Restaurants

Gone are the days when the most successful restaurant and bar owners relied on their staff’s imperfect human judgment for measuring beer to be served to customers. These days, successful food-oriented businesses that value quality, hygiene, and efficiency turn to beverage flowmeters for consistent and accurate dispensing — let’s explore how beverage flow meters work, and find out exactly what they are capable of. 

What Does a Beverage Flowmeter Do?

Beverage flowmeters are designed specifically for use in the drink dispensing industries — the beverage flowmeter’s job is to measure beer, wine, and spirits as they are dispensed. In most cases, restaurants and bars use beverage flow meters to measure and manage the amount of beer they are dispensing to customers. This is crucial because it allows management to keep track of the amount of alcohol being served, giving them the ability to compare reported sales to the actual amount of liquid dispensed over a given time period. Our NSF-accredited beverage flowmeters provide a flow range of up to 10 liters per minute.

Applications & Benefits of Beverage Flowmeters

Beverage flowmeters are ideal for dispensing drinks and monitoring beer in a restaurant, bar, or another establishment that serves beverages. The benefits of beverage flowmeters are as follows:

infographic showing the benefits of using a flowmeter for beverages

Any bar or restaurant owners who are interested in obtaining the benefits mentioned above can contact JLC International to inquire about placing an order, then they can hire a specialized service to install the devices in their desired locations in the establishments. 

Learn More About Beverage Flowmeters

Anyone who is interested in learning more about beverage flow meters should contact JLC International today to inquire about the many uses and benefits of these sophisticated devices. JLC International also provides inline flow meters for measuring other liquids. Reach out to us today for additional details regarding our beverage flow meters and other state-of-the-art measuring equipment