Using Flowmeters for Varying Tasks – Part two: Batch Control

Pelton Wheel


As previously explored, the Pelton Wheel is also known as a radial turbine. Please refer to Part one: Blending and Mixing of this blog to reference more information regarding the major advantages the Pelton Wheel has. Here, we will be exploring the Pelton Wheel in relation to batch control.


The Pelton Wheel is ideally suited for low viscosity liquids with a measurement of up to 2 inch pipe sizes or larger. It has up to 10 cSt.; 0.003 to 500 lpm; ±2.0% of reading and provide a high frequency output that is ideal for batching.


  • Acceleration at the start of the batch is matched by the Pelton Wheel’s lightweight rotor.
  • When the flow has stopped, the rotor continues to spin down for a short amount of time.
  • The input from the flow meter should be inhibited at the end of the batch signal.
  • For fast batching, Litre Meter recommends running the flow meter constantly and diverting the fluid into the batch and out again. If done this way, there are no acceleration or deceleration issues, and the batch time can be reduced to less than 3 seconds.
  • Repeatability: ±0.2%





Inline ‘axial’ turbine flow meters are velocity measuring devices; they measure the average velocity of a fluid flowing through the body of the meter. A vaned rotor is mounted within the body of a liquid turbine flow meter. This rotor is centered on a shaft and allowed to rotate on bearings. The shaft is supported in the housing by tube bundles, which also provide a measure of flow conditioning for the fluid stream. This is perfect for water flow metering, and has many endearing qualities: 


  • Wide-size range
  • Excellent accuracy
  • Over range: 150% intermittent
  • ±1% of reading, (which is typical)
  • Excellent ±0.1% repeatability lends the turbine flowmeter to batching applications.



Positive Displacement


Please see Part one: Blending and Mixing for details.



Special Axial and Radial Turbine


Please see: Part one: Blending and Mixing for details.



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