The Small Device that Saves Big Pharma Millions

Liquid Flow Meters

Liquid Flow Meters significantly reduce costs for drug manufacturers by fine-tuning many aspects of production. These devices allow for extremely precise measurements of the mass and rate of flow of a liquid. Pharmaceutical companies rely on this technology to reduce manufacturing costs because they deal with highly sensitive materials and chemicals that can be very expensive and volatile. Every penny counts, right?

Drug manufacturers use Liquid Flow Meters for a variety of applications, which we’ll discuss in this article.

Pharmaceutical Water

Sterile Purified Water (PW) and Water For Injection (WFI) are measured with flow meters. PW and WFI are incredibly pure, sterilized types of water that are used in drug formulas. It’s crucial to have perfect measurements of these sterilized fluids because drug manufacturers deal with massive volumes of the stuff — every drop counts!

Producing Liquid Medicines

Many drugs come in the form of a syrup or other solution, and it’s important to have precise measurements when these drugs are produced. The speed at which the liquid flows matters because any slight variation that goes unnoticed could result in bad batches with the wrong concentration of active ingredients. 

Wet Granulation

To improve manufacturing of drug tablets, flow meters are used to control the release of liquid binders into a drug’s active ingredients. A slight change in the rate of flow could completely ruin the tablets, so a precise measuring instrument is crucial for this process. 

Below we’ll list some of the best liquid flow meters that are available on the market.

  • Atrato Ultrasonic Inline Liquid Flow Meter Series 70p
  • Atrato Ultrasonic Inline Liquid Flow Meter Series Atrato 240
  • Atrato Ultrasonic Inline Liquid Flow Meter Series 700

Liquid Flow Meters are vital to drug manufacturers, but they also depend on dew point sensors and dew point meters for finely-tuned measurements of humidity.

Need help selecting a liquid flow meter?

JLC International provides a wide range of Ultrasonic Liquid Flow Meters to pharmaceutical companies, in addition to businesses from many other industries where precise measurements matter. If your business relies on a temperature-and-humidity-controlled environment, JLC International has everything you need to keep the company afloat. Call us if you need help choosing an ideal meter — we know how important precision is!