The Multifunctional Hand-Held Omniport 30

When equipped with the handheld Omniport 30, one can make precise measurements of a wide range of different physical quantities, including temperature, humidity, air pressure, and much more. Add the benefit of an extremely user-friendly interface, and what’s left is a cutting-edge device that has a long list of industrial applications. 

Measures a Selection of Physical Quantities

The Omniport 30 is a multifunctional handheld meter that is capable of measuring a variety of quantities, depending on the probes ordered with it, including:

Relative Humidity
Dew Point Temperature

Absolute Humidity
Mixing Ratio
Air Velocity

Volumetric Flow
Air Pressure

The measurement values can be stored within the Omniport 30’s internal memory until it is transferred it to a PC to manage the data with the free SmartGraph3 software.  

User-Friendly Features

A multifunctional Omniport 30 handheld measurement tool gives the user access to the following easy-to-use features:

  • Internal memory for 2 million measured values
  • Data logging
  • Capacitive TFT touch screen
  • Displays measurands simultaneously
  • Free data management software
  • Integrated air pressure sensor
  • Real-time HOLD / MIN / MAX / AVG readout

It’s clear that the Omniport 30 is a multifunctional handheld meter that’s intuitive and easy to use!


There is a wide range of uses for the Omniport 30, and several different application-specific probes are available when buying accessories for the device. There are multiple HVAC probes, in addition to other probes that are designed for high temperatures, confined spaces, and more. There’s even a CO2 probe, which can be used in a wide range of industries, including agriculture and manufacturing. 

How Can an Omniport 30 Multifunctional Handheld Device Benefit a Range of Businesses?

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