The Industrial Importance of Humidity & Temperature Transmitters

When it comes to controlling environmental conditions across an array of applications, industrial temperature and humidity sensors are invaluable tools for the processes in which they’re utilized. Their purpose is to provide an accurate, real-time reading of a location or component’s temperature and humidity levels.

Depending on the process or product involved, fluctuating temperatures and humidity levels can negatively affect the health of one’s workers and the overall costs of the products being manufactured.

Without temperature humidity sensors, certain items that are integral to our society, such as pharmaceuticals and chemicals, could not be manufactured properly if the temperature and humidity are not closely monitored throughout the process, putting consumers at serious risk.

JLC International Offers Transmitters You Can Trust

Our company proudly supplies our customers with the industry’s most comprehensive temperature and humidity transmitters manufactured by the globally recognized E+E Elektronik. All temperature/humidity sensors carried by JLC International are designed to provide accurate calculations, even in the most demanding of work environments.

Due to their innovative and flawless construction, E+E temperature humidity sensors require little to no maintenance and are reliable over long periods of time under normal conditions.   

Our Collection of Humidity & Temperature Sensors

  • Economical- EE23
  • High-end- EE33
  • Multifunctional- EE310
  • Intrinsically Safe- EE300Ex-HT
  • Interchangeable Probe- EE220

Though each of the transmitters mentioned above are for different applications, thus requiring different qualities, here are just a few of the features each E+E transmitter carried by JLC offers:

  • IP65 NEMA4X Protection Class
  • Durable, Stainless Steel Probes
  • Digital & Analogue Outputs
  • Each has the capability of measuring the value of a device or environment’s:
    • Temperature
    • Absolute Humidity
    • Dewpoint
    • & Enthalpy

As one of the industry’s most trusted suppliers of industrial instrumentation, JLC International strives to accommodate every application our customers require. If you’re unsure which transmitter is appropriate for your company’s operation, please reach out to our highly-knowledgeable experts by giving us a call at 1-888-358-2518 or get in touch with our team by filling out a contact form today.