Is the Non-Invasive Inline Ultrasonic Low Flow Meter Right for You?

Benefits of the Atrato Series Flow Meter

When it comes to deciding on a flow meter for your company to conduct the proper calculations, there are a variety of models to choose from. It is important to understand what each flow indicator features to determine which one will perform your application the best. We at JLC International would like to highlight one of our tools we are currently marketing, known as the Non-Invasive Inline Ultrasonic Low Flow Meter Atrato Series 700. Here we list all of the benefits that this innovative flow measuring device has to offer. jlcblog-lowflow

– Developed from extensive research, which ensures quality performance
– Despite viscosity levels, measurement remains accurate
– Is able to handle laminar and turbulent low flows
– Operates across a broad range of measuring applications
– Excellent turndown, repeatability and linearity
– Has a clean, smooth exterior shape for handling
– Connects to software instantly via the USB port for fast interaction
– Uses signals to find flow irregularities and creates a data report
– Excellent time of flight measuring system
– Determines upstream and downstream travel time differences with precision

This device offers flow measurement for a variety of industries such as medical, chemical and industrial research, laboratories, pharmaceuticals, semiconductor and the production of fuel cells. To check out the Non-Invasive Inline Ultrasonic Low Flow Meter Atrato Series 700, feel free to explore our website. To place an order, call us directly or shoot us an email. Don’t forget to like us on Facebook for more announcements and information!