Introducing the Atrato Series 240 MetraFlow System

At JLC International, we excel as the industry’s most dynamic master distributor and representative for a number of exclusive European instrument manufacturers providing instrumentation for control and measurement in all types of industries. Today, we focus on the research and water industries as we introduce the Atrato Series 240 MetraFlow System, an ultrasonic inline liquid flow meter.

What Is The Atrato Series 240 MetraFlow System?

The MetraFlow is an ultrasonic flowmeter using the time-of-flight measuring method. The MetraFlow through-flow flowmeter utilizes Titan’s patented time-of-flight ultrasonic technology to accurately measure liquid traveling through a Perfluoroalkoxy (PFA) flow tube. PFA is a fluoropolymer that has very similar properties to Teflon (PFTE), making it extremely resistant to aggressive chemicals. It is a preferred tubing material for use with low flow meters in order to most accurately assess the rate of flow.

A significant advantage of the PFA tube is its singular tube construction, allowing it to maintain a smooth and uninterrupted flow area on the interior of the tube, an essential feature when dealing with challenging liquids.

How It All Works

By using the proven and often-utilized time-of-flight measuring method, Titan engineers have created a flow metering technology which is far more reliable and accurate than Doppler shift measurement, where reflected signals are needed from irregularities in the liquid.

MetraFlow crystals are plain disks with an open center, forming a washer. The MetraFlow crystals are excited in such a way that they oscillate radially, which spreads across the thickness of the ceramic. The advantage to radial oscillation is that the strong symmetrical signal pulses directly into the PFA tube, which gives the most accurate flow reading possible.

For concerns with sound interference, the sound waves traveling through the tube in the MetraFlow operating system are symmetrical, meaning the fluid’s velocity profile across the pipe diameter will be averaged out by the signal as it passes from the transmitter to the receiver. In application, this allows the MetraFlow immunity to Reynolds number changes and maintains an excellent high viscosity performance.

Leading Provider of Flow Meter Technology

We are proud of our ability to provide the finest in flow meter measurement technology. In addition to our flow metering products, we offer industry standard dewpoint transmitters and humidity sensors for use in various research environments, and for use in the field.

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