Instrument Highlight: Oval Gear Flowmeters by Titan Enterprises

  • JLC International supplies industries with various, useful measurement instruments that calculate, store, and manage data. We’d like to highlight our available Titan Oval Gear (OG) flowmeter which monitors viscous flows for numerous applications. Many industries can highly benefit from the function of the Oval Gear flowmeter.

    The OG flowmeter monitors viscous fluid flow for tasks such as:jlcblog4Titan

    – Syrup injections in beverage lines
    – Forward and reverse fuel flows on marine diesel engines
    – Lubrication-flow in compressors and rock-crushing machinery
    – Automated dispensing of cooking oils
    – Flow rate and volume of batch chemicals as well as monitoring wax finishes
    – Perfumes and sizing chemicals that are sprayed onto paper

    How the Oval Gear Flowmeter Works

    The instrument is small and ruggedly designed for a unique combination of high performance with minimal maintenance, making it a cost effective solution. Unlike other flowmeters, the measurement precision of OG flowmeters enhances as the liquid viscosity increases, from a nominal ± 1% to around ± 0.1% ofreading at higher viscosities. The OG flowmeter operates using oval shaped gear-toothed rotors that rotate within a chamber of particular geometry. As the rotors revolve, they sweep out and entrap an exact volume of liquid between the outer oval form of the gears and the inner compartment walls without the fluid even passing through the gear teeth.

    The rotors are constructed with magnets that trigger a Reed switch or deliver a pulse output by a Hall Effect sensor. Every time the sensor creates a pulse or switch closure, the accurate amount of liquid volume that passes through the instrument is transmitted. This structured operation of the OG flowmeter allows it to be nearly immune from the effects of changing fluid density, viscosity, and temperature. Therefore, the instrument is able to produce the most highly accurate measurement results!

    Other facts about the OG flowmeter you should know:

    · They can monitor a viscous fluid flow at flow rates up to 130 gpm (500 lpm), using PEEK, stainless steel, or other body materials at up to 10,000 psi (700 bar) and up to 300°F (150°C).

    · They are available in sizes 1/4” to 2”, for flows between 1 cc/min (1 ml/min) and 130 gpm (500 lpm), depending on viscosity.

    · Each instrument is calibrated individually andcomes with a calibration certificate traceable to international criteria, forboth in forward and reverse directions, if required.

    · Each meter delivers a frequency output, enabling easy interfacing with flow rate indicators or control systems.

    JLC International offers an array of measurement instruments, among them several different dew point monitors for all kinds of applications. Please contact us for further details on dew point meters.