Breakthrough Flowmeter Technology: The Atrato Series 700 Liquid Flowmeter

At JLC International, we aim to distribute the highest-quality flowmeter and transmitter technology to all industries. In an effort to do so, we are encouraging our customers to consider purchasing the Atrato Series 700, a breakthrough flowmeter technology.

What Makes the Atrato 700 Series Stand Out

The Atrato Series 700 Ultrasonic Inline Liquid Flow Meters use patented technology that enables them to operate with high accuracy over wide flow ranges. The Atrato 700 Series low flow meters are perfect for most low flow applications. Its signal processing system allows for flow measurement across the complete range of Reynolds numbers, meaning both viscous and non-viscous liquids can be metered accurately.

The Atrato system is developed to handle low flows from laminar to turbulent, and it is almost wholly immune to viscosity. The Atrato 700 series can monitor a flow range of 250:1 and offers best-in-class turndown, repeatability, and linearity. The system’s accuracy is better than ±1.0% of Reading.

The Atrato 700 series boasts USB compatibility, meaning software connectivity can be achieved at the push of a button. When connected, end users can monitor rates and totals via their computers and alter operation parameters such as pulse resolution and units.

How the Atrato 700 Series Works

The Atrato 700 series uses a patented and well-proven time-of-flight measuring system for both upstream and downstream flight times that offers an accuracy of better than 250 picoseconds, making it far more accurate and reliable than the Doppler shift measurement. The Atrato crystals form a washer and become excited in a way that causes them to oscillate radially, making its radial signal strong and able to send symmetrical pulses directly into the tube.

Due to the annular ring crystals’ shape, the sound traveling down the pipe is considered to be a plane wave. These waves are also symmetrical, allowing fluid velocity shifts to be averaged out by a signal as the liquid passes from transmitter to receiver. This automated averaging allows for ease of use and makes it immune to Reynolds number changes, offering an excellent high viscosity performance.

However, there are limits to the viscosity which has to do with the pressure drop over the instrument, because of the very small ID of the flow tube.

For more information about this product’s specs, reference this infographic:


Purchase the Best Low Flow Flowmeter

The Atrato 700 Series is one of the best low flow flowmeters for a range of applications. With its proven performance and best-in-class flowmeter technology, you will be able to trust its performance in the field.

To learn more about the Atrato 700 series, read this page.