Breaking Down Differential Pressure (DP) Flow Meters Part 1 of 3

As a recent report by the Global Industry Analysis, Inc. states, one out of six new systems purchased globally in 2014 used differential pressure flow meters and techniques. And over 40% of existing measurement installations are, in fact, differential pressure flow meter devices. Is this not surprising?


Consider the idea that engineers today would much rather prefer to install more high-tech equipment. Even despite the significant use of DP flow meters over the decades, it is a commonality to assume most would likely take the high road rather than the low. Why would they choose the low-tech differential pressure flow meters over other high-tech options?    


Regardless of whether or not differential pressure flow meters are losing ground, it has become evident that demand for the traditional flow metering technology remains strong. With the only technology exceeding the DP devices for units sold being the electromagnetic flow meter system, it is certainly worthwhile to take a closer look at differential pressure flow meters. 


The Many Advantages of Differential Pressure Flow Meters  


The advantages of differential pressure flow meters are numerous, considering the low-tech device in question.

  1. However, because it is low-tech, it is also inexpensive, helping buyers to save money on their budget.
  2. DP flow meters are based on an easily understood principle, allowing for the construction of the device to be extremely robust and simple.
  3. DP flow meters can be used to meter a wide variety of fluids and gases, making it extremely versatile.
  4. There is a long-established and constantly rationalized database of published information relating to the technique and modern secondary instrumentation of DP flow meters.


With these positive attributes, we can gather more clarity as to why this low-tech device is able to oust high-tech devices in units sold. When choosing the right measurement device, it is those qualities that stand out to engineers, swaying their decisions, even despite the antiquity of the device.  


Convinced yet?


In our next blog, we will explore further in-depth, covering details related to differential pressure flow meters.


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