3 Common Applications for Industrial Humidity & Temperature Transmitters

As a provider of temperature and humidity transmitters, JLC International offers products that are vital to many businesses, yet they often receive little recognition. The EE33 transmitter, a small device that measures temperature and humidity, is an unsung hero of many industries because the average person rarely gets to see it in action.

Let’s take a look at three industries that depend on temperature and humidity transmitters for survival.

Drug Manufacturing

Pharmaceutical companies depend on stable, controlled conditions in their manufacturing facilities because the slightest change in temperature, humidity, or airflow can cause enormous consequences in regard to product quality. Thanks to temperature and humidity transmitters, drug manufacturers are able to control the conditions within their facilities. This allows them to avoid wasting materials — so, ultimately, the savings are passed on to people who buy these medications.

Food Production

Like the pharmaceutical industry, food companies need a stable environment in order to produce consistent products. Temperature and humidity transmitters are used during many phases of food manufacturing, from production to packaging, and even during storage in some cases. The EE33 transmitter helps to prevent products from spoiling too quickly, which saves food companies big time in the long run.


When growing crops in a greenhouse, there are many important factors to consider — two of the most important ones being temperature and humidity. If it becomes too dry or too cold inside of a greenhouse, many of its crops will simply die, leaving the grower with lots of sunk costs. With transmitters that wirelessly notify workers if their greenhouse is above or below the required temperature and humidity levels, running an agricultural operation becomes much less stressful, and far more successful.

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