The Atrato 240 MetraFlow System: The New Generation of Chemically Inert Time of Flight Ultrasonic Flowmeters

At JLC International, we distribute control and measurement instrumentation for a range of industries and applications including low flowmeters, beverage flowmeters, and air velocity transmitters — just to name a few. One of the stand-out ultrasonic inline liquid flow meters we offer is the Atrato 240 Series MetraFlow System.

What Sets the MetraFlow System Apart?

This liquid flowmeter uses transit-time ultrasonic technology (patented by Titan) to measure challenging liquids flowing through a Perfluoroalkoxy (PFA) tube. This tube is a fluoropolymer, offering properties which resemble Teflon (PTFE), and is often used for the transfer of aggressive chemicals.

The MetraFlow system was engineered to measure a flow rate of 20 ml/min, offering an accuracy of ± 1% of reading.

This flowmeter offers intuitive technology to end-users, allowing setting and interface monitoring to take place during normal operation. Via the meter interface software, users can adjust:

    • Units
    • Time base
    • Analogue and digital outputs
    • Minimum flow cut-off
  • Set points

This interface, operated through USB connection in real-time, allows for computer-based data logging, negative flow flags, and display/output damping as well.

The features of the MetraFlow System are:

How the MetraFlow System Works

The Atrato 240 MetraFlow flow meter uses the time-of-flight measuring method, a method which is significantly more reliable and accurate than Doppler shift measurement. Instead of drawing measurement from irregularities in the liquid, the MetraFlow system uses plain disk crystals (formed into the shape of a washer) to send signals directly into the PFA tube for measurement. The measurement process is as follows:

    1. The crystals are excited, oscillating radially.
    1. This oscillation sends a strong, radial signal into the tube (as mentioned above).
  1. The sound traveling down the pipe is considered a plane wave, an effect as a result of the annular ring crystals, allowing for accuracy of measurement as a result of the low signal-to-noise ratio.

There are many reasons for the high accuracy of the data gathered by the MetraFlow system. At zero flows, the MetraFlow system is fully balanced, with both signals canceling each other out. This balance creates a highly-stable condition at zero flow, and it is the foundation of the flowmeter’s scalability and accuracy from minimum to maximum flow. Phase shifts with this flow meter are measured to an accuracy of 250 picoseconds.

The MetraFlow system makes the fluid velocity profile irrelevant, as it can measure a velocity that is fully formed (turbulent flow) or completely laminar (classic parabolic). This irrelevance allows the MetraFlow to avoid Reynolds number changes and offers excellent high-viscosity performance.

Purchase the Atrato 240 MetraFlow System

The MetraFlow system can have meaningful applications for a range of industries. With its highly-accurate readings and elite performance, users can trust it to gather quality data in the field.

To learn more about this flow meter, visit this page and choose “Ultrasonic MetraFlow.”